Indegenous Fish


How this rare, good-luck fish is thriving in Bhutan

Bhutan Golden Mahseer

Tambra site trip


Saturday 2 January 2016. KAGUM & friends made a trip to our Tambra Site at Kpg Batu 16 Gombak. We did river survey, collecting data on stream pH, insect life, pool depths, fish counts etc. The kids of course had other ideas! Pictures in this post, this post and this…


The haruan is one of the most widely distributed species in the country, found in rivers, lakes, swamps, even ditches. It prefers still waters with ample aquatic vegetation; normal environment for frogs and small fishes which serve as its favourite food. It is thus definitely a carnivore, preferring to lie…



The Terbul / Bonylip Barb are dainty fish that inhabit many rivers in the central and southern rivers of the Peninsula. The body is covered in small scales coloured pale yellow with red specks. The fins are pink. Terbul has a small, soft mouth. Thus, hooks need to be small….