The Gerahak / Giant sheatfish has similar behavioural and physical characteristics as the Tapah. A distinct difference is the upward turning mouth, belying its habit of snatching at any animal that falls into the water. Its barbels is also markedly shorter than the Tapah’s.

Scientific name: Wallago dinema (Belodontichthys dinema)
Common name: Giant sheatfish / Malaysian Toothed Catfish
Malay name: Gerahak, Gahak, Begahak

Salient Features: Body design similar to tapah. Upturned snout. Short barbels.

Preferred habitat: Similar to tapah.
Distribution: Pahang river system
East Sumatra, Borneo, Indochina.

Record size: 10 kg
Angling records: 10 kg (unofficial): Sg Tembeling

Conservation status: Becoming rare. Release all specimens.

Diet: Small fish
Common baits: Live minnows
Popular lures & flies: ?