The Nyenyuar / Scissor Tail is a common fish in remote jungle rivers where the habitat is still pristine. It shares the highland pools with other species like the Kawan, Bagoh, Kepor and Tengas Daun. Like the others, this species serve as fodder for the predators like Sebarau and Toman.

Nyenyuar do not grow big. The biggest specimens I have come across are in the Kuala Kemapan area in the Endau-Rompin Park, averaging 25-30 cm. Usually they range from 14 to 20 cm long. They are essentially top- and mid-water feeders. Float fishing with light lines, or fly fishing, would be the best methods for angling these fish. The Nyenyuar is especially sporting on fly. It is a voracious striker of the fly, and will give a good account of itself.

Natural baits like worms, oil palm kernel and insects (grasshoppers, crickets) make good bait for this species. Free-lining or float fishing are the best methods, since the Nyenyuar prefer to feed at or just below the surface. Fly fishermen will also find that Nyenyuar are a fun quarry, especially on light lines, say No. 4 or 5. Dark nymphs and dries are good flies to use. For lure fishermen, tiny spinners will work on the Nyenyuar.

Scientific name: Luciosoma setigerum
Common name: Scissor Tail, Apollo Shark-minnow
Malay name: Nyenyuar, Nyuar, Ikan Tulang Banyak
Other names:

Salient Features: Long cylindrical body ending in a slim forked tail. Has row of black spots along flanks. A small patch of turquoise near eye.

Preferred habitat: Medium-paced runs of hill rivers
Distribution: Johor, Pahang.

Record size: 30 cm (0.5 kg): Kuala Kemapan, Johor.
Angling record: 30 cm, 0.5 kg (unofficial): K Kemapan, Johor

Conservation status: Not common.

Diet: Insects and larvae
Common baits: Worms, oil palm kernel.
Popular lures & flies: Montana Nymph (red thorax), Black Marabou Nymph