The Jengkua / Black Sharkminnow (Labeo chrysophekadion) is a very rare and beautiful fish found in the Pahang river system. The body is thick with medium sized scales. The colour is uniformly greyish black, including the fins. The fins are relatively large and flowing. The Jengkua is from the Terbol group, with a blunt snout pointing downwards. The snout is covered in tubercles. This omnivore can grow up to 60cm.

Scientific name: Labeo chrysophekadion
Common name: Black Sharkminnow / Black Labeo / Black Shark
Malay name: Jengkua
Other names:

Salient Features: Greyish black body and fins. Fins are large.

Preferred habitat: Sandy/silty runs of large rivers
Distribution: Sg Pahang system including Tembeling and Jelai

Conservation status: Very rare. Release all caught specimens.

Diet: Omnivore, Vegetative matter
Possible baits: Occasionally caught on worms and doughbait
Popular lures & flies: NA