The Sikang / ‘Malayan Trout’ is a rare fish with close resemblance to the Trout. The mouth is slightly kyped, whilst the body is a cream colour with faint spots. Unlike the trout, it does not have an adipose fin.
Sikang is found in remote jungled rivers. It is game for small lures like spoons and spinners.

Scientific name: Barillius guttatus (Raiamas guttatus)
Common name: Barillius / Burmese trout
Malay name: Sikang

Salient Features: Body slightly compressed. Long snout, with lower jaw upturned. Scales small. Body is cream coloured with faint brown spots..

Preferred habitat: Remote jungle rivers: deep pools with jungle cover.
Distribution: Pahang river system, Sg Lebir (Taman Negara Kelantan), rivers of Kenyir Lake (Terengganu), Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand

Record size: 0.5 kg.: Sg Lebir, Taman Negara Terengganu.

Conservation status: Rare. Release all specimens.

Diet: Insects, small fish
Common baits: Small spinners and spoons
Popular lures & flies: Montana, Hare’s Ear, Black stonefly nymph.