The Tengalan / Crossbanded barb has similar body shape to the lampam. The species can be found in remote rivers, usually occupying deep pools. It is a difficult fish to catch on rod and line. Worms are the best bait, mounted on a small hook to match its dainty bite.

Scientific name: Puntius bulu (Puntioplites bulu)
Common name: Crossbanded barb
Malay name: Tengalan

Salient Features: Body shape similar to lampam. The distinctive features are slightly curved dorsal fin, and faint vertical black stripes along the flanks. Scales are smaller.

Preferred habitat: Deep stretches of large rivers
Distribution: Sg Pahang and tributaries (Sg Tembeling, Jelai, Tanum), Sg Perak (above Kuala Kangsar), Sg Endau, Sg Muar.
Sumatra, Borneo, Indochina

Record size: 8 kg. : Sg Perak (Bersia Lake)
Angling record: 4 kg (unofficial): Sg Perak.

Conservation status: Not common. Release larger specimens (above 1 kg.)

Diet: Vegetable matter
Common baits: Worms, doughbait
Popular lures & flies: NA